Enka Gardens Isinya Housing

Impressive Value.

Set within the lush plains of Kajiado County, Enka Gardens Isinya brings you an ideal serene environment for a country home. It offers an incredible opportunity for you to own a distinctively designed home in a gated community which is a first-of-its-kind development in Isinya.

3 Bedroom Maisonette Visualizations.

Choose a Gem from our 3 unit types:

  • 3 bedroom bungalow starting from 7.1m
  • 3 bedroom maisonette starting from 7.8m
  • 4 bedroom maisonette starting from 9m

Ready Home Ownership.

Each home sits on a 1/8th of an acre, with ready ownership documents. Enjoy the convenience of paying for the home in tranches if you are self-financing. Where need arises, we have bank partners who can finance mortgage purchase at flexible terms.

Cozy Home Living.

Enka Gardens Isinya is impressive. We have maintained a delicate balance to offer a high quality home which is affordable. The entry level pricing offers a latent potential for value appreciation even as the area gains popularity to become the leading, leafy suburban estate of Kajiado County.

Be Sure.

Residents will benefit from excellent security and utility provisions together with a sports center, commercial center, club house, a kindergarten school. Water supply is in plenty with a 50,000L back up water storage and pumping facilities.

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Borehole-drilled water
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Electric perimeter fence
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Quality internal roads
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Best Land Agent in Housing Development 2018
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Happy Clients

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