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Aligning your Investment goals as a chama

We have always joined chama or what is known as investment groups with one goal in mind, that is to save and invest their money. As a chama is formed, it is important to decide on the best area of investment all members are comfortable with. It is imperative that all members should be involved in the discussion when making this decision on how the collected money will be invested.

Are you looking to invest in 2021 as a chama and wondering where to start from? Here is one of the lucrative areas in which a chama can venture in and invest.

The Real Estate Sector

Kenya has witnessed an increase in its population over the years. This increase in population has led to a demand for housing in growing towns and the increase of residential property values in the year 2017. This trend is expected to continue in 2018, therefore, making real estate amongst the top profitable ventures for the year.

No one can ever go wrong with investing in property. The land is a scarce resource. With increasing human population, land available for agriculture or homes is shrinking. As an investment option in Kenya, real estate is a very profitable option.

Investing in land has key advantages as a chama and assures you of your growing money yearly. A good opion of investing is Enkavilla Koma Phase II or Enkavilla Konza Phase II. The pieces of properties are strategically located and have a good appreciation value.

Although there has been talks of the market being saturated, there is still plenty of demand for housing for low and middle-income segments of the population.

Are you look to invest in land as a chama? We would like to be part of your investment journey as a chama. For more information, contact us on 0788303030 or visit our website on

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