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Do you plan to advance your land Investment journey?

As you plan to advance your land investment journey, you’ll need to take significant steps to lay a strong foundation by examining the growth trajectory of a city or town to identify areas with increased population over a specific period and concentrated development. As a landowner or prospective investor, this knowledge can help you assess the risks associated with real estate deals, understand the legal implications involved, and make necessary adjustments to minimize those risks. Enkavilla Konza Phase II is an excellent investment opportunity that offers a high return on investment. The property is located within a 5KM radius of Konza Techno City, which has attracted a lot of attention from investors interested in smart manufacturing, light industry logistics, smart agriculture, ICT, and Information Technology (IT).Investors have already taken up over 80 percent of the land on offer for the first phase of the Konza Technopolis, reigniting interest in the technology city that had a false start. Kenya’s efforts to create a smart city at Konza Technopolis have gained momentum with the launch of four new projects under its second phase, which include an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Integrated Control Centre, the establishment of a Startup Ecosystem, the development of Smart Logistics in Konza, and the development of the Konza-Nairobi Corridor Transport Network which are supported by a grant from the government of South Korea. This development will create jobs and boost the digital economy, cementing Kenya’s position as a tech giant on the continent. Investors in real estate who keep themselves updated with the growth trends and development patterns around their undeveloped land tend to make better investment decisions. To take advantage of the growing city, consider investing in Enkavilla Konza Phase II and seize the opportunity for a lucrative investment.

Size: 1/8 Acre

Plots Access: All weather murram road

Price: Ksh 750,000

Community: Cosmopolitan

Payment plan: Flexible

Title: Free Hold

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