Property Consultancy

Being a property owner is lucrative business. However, the challenges of saving time, maximizing revenues and reducing costs can be cumbersome. At Enkavilla, our highly qualified and experienced property managers, accountants, finance managers and maintenance officers assist property owners avoid this hussle.

We will remove the hassle out of maintenance including;

  1. Safeguarding property values through asset valuation
  2. Client updates on how to get value for their properties
  3. Advice and Consultancy
  4. Manage purchase and sale processes
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We will help you:

Save Time

Our efficiency is next to none in filling vacant spaces, repair of burst pipes. We are on call 24/7. Property owners can spend their precious time on what they enjoy. We have many competitive and highly experienced vendors available at the touch of a button. This enables us to fix worn out parts fast and effectively. We also advise tenants to pay online to make rent collection real-time, and our web-based system helps owners track their accounts from the comfort of their seats.

Reduce Costs

Our great pool of vendors gives us competitive maintenance prices. Preventive maintenance also enables us to avoid massive capital replacement and repairs. We rely on regular training to enable tenants utilize common area facilities cost-effectively. Our accountants are keen to avoid legal tax suits, capture discounts, deductibles, exemption offers and prepare cost-conscious maintenance budgets.

Increase Revenue

We market online and offline to attract new quality tenants. Our professional photographers and videographers cast our properties in the best light. They produce great content that gets tenants signing leases through the door. We retain tenants to avoid vacancy costs. Our extensive market surveys help us set maximum possible rents. We also advise on high and best use of properties to maximize incomes.

Interested in listing a property with us? Contact us and let us know.

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