Frequently Asked Questions

About Enkavilla Properties

What does Enkavilla properties do?

Enkavilla Properties Limited is a registered real estate company based in Kenya that offers real estate services. We acquire prime land, determine its value, and add value by servicing fully developing then selling. We will on your behalf simplify the tedious property acquisition process by offering professional services. We have the most qualified staff and partners in real estate matters.

Where are you located?

Enkavilla Properties Limited is located at Watermark Business Park,
Fountain Court, 1st Floor.

What is the nature of your products and services?

We sell serviced plots with all amenities such as good internal roads, perimeter walls, borehole water as well as electricity on site. We also offer spaces for community centers, kindergartens, commercials shops and a clubhouse as it is in Enka Gardens Isinya.

What other services do you offer?

Other services include property management, project management and joint ventures.

Where are your projects located?

We currently have projects in Isinya, Kitengela, Konza and Juja. All our projects are named Enka Gardens and are divided into 1/8th acre plots.  Our properties are prime in such a way that we neighbor major highways, banks, schools and hospitals.

Do you have special packages for special groups such as Chamas/religious groups and people living with special needs?

We give everyone an equal opportunity to invest. We therefore encourage Chama’s and all other special groups to make a move by investing in our properties. Chamas can buy to speculate or develop.

Are you present on any other digital platforms?

You can also find us on Facebook as Enkavilla Properties Limited or on Twitter under the handle  @EnkavillaP.

What is a controlled development concept?

A controlled development is whereby use and design are predetermined. We have ready house plans that our clients can use when they are ready to develop their houses.

Do you have ready houses?

Currently no but we will begin construction of houses in the 4th quarter of the year 2017.

I would like a site tour, what do I need to do?

Our site visits take place every Wednesday and Saturday. Call us on 0788303030/0202600425 or email us on or to book your space.

Do you charge for site visits?

Our site visits are only Ksh. 500.

Do you service diaspora clients?

Yes we do. We recognize the challenges you face in your quest to invest back home and offer you transparency when handling your transactions. We have many happy clients who reside in USA, Canada, Dubai, South Africa, UK, Nigeria, Zambia, and Bermuda amongst others. We have a dedicated resource to handle any queries you may have.

How do I buy a plot after seeing?

  1. Fill a booking form.
  2. Sign the offer letter
  3. Sign the Agreement for sale
  4. Pay the agreed amount (depending on agreed payment plan)
  5. Sign the restrictive agreement
  6. After completion of payment we will issue a completion certificate
  7. We will start the title transfer process.

Financial FAQs

Which financial institution are in partnership with Enkavilla Properties Limited?

We work closely with KCB Bank, Rafiki Microfinance and Astro Sacco. These institutions provide the client with an opportunity to access mortgage facilities and other financial support.

Do you have flexible payment plans that are long term?

There are several repayment plans which include payment of a 10% deposit and repayment of the balance of up to 12 months. We charge 12% per annum interest based on a reducing balance concept.

Can I easily access my payment history?

Yes, we keep client database internally and process all payment histories with constant updates to our clients.

Do you allow payments via Mpesa?

Yes, we have Mpesa pay bill number which is 711457 with the account name being the name of the customer. Other payment modes are through Equity Bank, KCB and Standard Chartered Bank.

Legal Terms and Documents

What is a title deed?

This is a legal document that is evidence to ownership of property. The deed constitutes the number and name of the property, the name of legal owners and any other information as may apply.

How many names can be written on a Title deed?

According to the laws of Kenya, a title deed may contain names of not more than 6 owners. During the title transfer stage, a client is encouraged to add any other beneficiary as may apply.

Can I handle the transfer process myself?

Yes you can although we are here to remove the hassle from you and can handle the process on your behalf.

What is an agreement for sale?

This a binding document that legally binds the vendor and the buyer with key agreements that include the payment mode and any other key agreement as may apply.

What is a restrictive agreement?

A binding set of rules and regulations that outlines key restrictions with regard to use or development of properties. It follows the principles of controlled development.

What do you mean by completion in the Agreement for Sale?

Completion is the point when the client has fully settled the payment. We are obligated to providing the mother title and a completion certificate hence facilitation title transfer.

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