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Investing in the Future – Enkavilla Konza Phase II

Opportunities come infrequently so when it rains gold, put out the bucket not the thimble.

Investment opportunities are often floated to our faces and not once or twice do we shelve the idea of investing or get into a doubting spree. One of the main investment avenues that have been brought closer to us as time passes by is real estate. Real estate in Kenya has over time been presumed to have more benefits over stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. It is a long-term investment that enables reflexive income as the value of the property appreciates with time.  It is considered a great strategy to maximize on building your wealth in future.

We tend to overlook the investment opportunities offered to us. Currently, real estate in Kenya has proven to have a great appreciative value and each year there is a new price tag on piece of property you looked forward to purchasing but thought otherwise. Look at Enkavilla Konza Phase II, 20 years ago Konza town was a sleepy town that only attracted a handful of investors. However, after it was earmarked for the tech city development, Konza Town has been turned into a beehive of activities with investors rushing for a piece of the pie.

We present to you a noble investment opportunity.  You can be part of the growing community of techies in Konza. Enkavilla Konza Phase II is an investment savvy property situated within a radius of five kilometers from the famous Konza Technopolis.

Would you not want to invest in an area that has a well-developed transport system? Recently the Kenya Railways successfully rehabilitated the railway line that leads to the Konza Technopolis, popularly known as Konza City. A train was also availed for the Nairobi – Konza Technopolis route.

You could be wondering what next after investing in Enkavilla Konza Phase II? Investing in Enkavilla Konza phase II, will give you a great opportunity to be a landlord or homeowner. We guide you through the construction process and homeownership journey and going by the increasing demand of housing in Konza, this would be the ideal opportunity to be the landlord or homeowner you have always dreamt of.

Would you wish to be part of our growing community at Enkavilla Konza Phase II, Kindly contact us on 0788303030.

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