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Investing together as a Chama

Modern chamas commonly referred to investment group have defined the way of living from time immemorial, People have joined chamas to achieve different goals, from coming together to invest in land, build houses or simply saving for holidays, chama have confirmed the adage, “When people come together, great things happen”.

Here are some key tips to follow as achieve your developmental goals

Think Long-term:

As an investment group its always key to think long term, look at projects that have a long shelf life and one that will motivate your members to be active members of group. A short-term goal makes it difficult to manage the groups money because of short term outlooks, decisions need to be made very quickly and most groups only meet monthly. Remember trying to make money over a shorter period is a bad approach, not only for beginner group but also established investment groups. Long term could be investing in real estate, partnering up with your friends in the chama can be an effective way to increase your buying power and get into deals that you could not otherwise pursue. Members must be made to understand that this is a long term investment that may not bring instant earnings but will be lucrative as the years go by.

The Bottom Line

Chama or investment clubs are an excellent wat to ease into investing without getting burned or ripped by unscrupulous brokers especially when purchasing that piece of property. Whether you start your own club or join an existing one, you will find that being a member of a chama is an enlightening experience. Chama By Laws

A bonus of incorporating is that the process requires you to write bylaws, or rules for the club. Even if you don’t plan to incorporate, it’s not a bad idea to have some rules. Bylaws clearly define the focus and operations of the club. They help avoid fuzzy concepts of how club business should be conducted and can spell out how dues will be allocated. They can also be a recruitment tool, since they let you show prospective members how the club works. You can look for sample bylaws and work collaboratively to draft and adopt its own bylaws.

Looking to invest as a chama? Enkavilla Property has a perfect investment for you, Located 300m off the Kenol- Koma Highway, Enka Gardens Koma Phase II is affordably priced giving you an opportunity to own property in an area that is rapidly developing over and above the exclusivity and serenity that it offers.

Key Features

  • A ready freehold title deed
  • 300 meters off the Kenol-Koma Highway
  • A  perimeter fence
  • Controlled development
  • A well-designed community center
  • Proximity to key amenities such as hospitals, schools

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