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Investments in affordable housing is not a far fetched dream.

Last week we were honored to take part in the 8th Annual Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Conference which was hosted by the Kenya Diaspora Alliance. We were priviledged to participate and meet with our key clients and partners, availing an interesting  opportunity.

We were truly amazed by the number of questions that came up from the affordable housing and construction space. One thing that is clear is that there is a huge wave and interest on investing in affordable housing, we were awed with having people understand affordable housing and wanting to play an integral role of bridging the home ownership gap.

Today, we take a keen look on affordable housing and how you can leverage on the opportunity to become an investor and the significant impact it will have on your financial goals.  With depressed credit to  the construction  and   real estate sector, an under-supply of new units has triggered a rise on apartments. Developers have leaned more on constructing houses that accommodate young professionals without compromising on quality, the houses are mainly constructed to target young professionals and young families that are out to achieve their aspirational goals as well as being comfortable.

Enkavilla’s Principal Property Advisor

The affordable housing space in Kenya is actively being driven by the government through the Big4 agenda, private investors and the diaspora market. So, what’s in it for you  as an individual? Affordable housing yields in Nairobi, can range between 7% and 13%. This gives you a perfect opportunity to optimize your investments through rental income and short stays income

Miriam Tembu, Enkavilla’s GM making a speech at the 8th KDA conference

As a real estate advisory firm, we are keen on helping you identify viable real estate investment opportunities that you can leverage on, Let’s walk together to realize your investment goals.

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