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Let’s take the Furnished Apartment Way

You bought your dream apartment and wondering how you going to start earning from your investment? Let’s explore the furnished apartment way.

Furnished apartments in the city have continued to attract huge demands, what was a preserve for business executives, has turned out to be an attraction to tourists, diaspora, and young families jetting in the country and looking for ideal spaces to enjoy their stay. Furnished apartments provide the home away from home feeling. 

Here is why you should rent out that furnished apartment:

1.) Higher rental income

Without doubt, investing in furnished apartments for rent will allow you to increase the rental price which means more rental income. The main benefit of furnishing your investment property is providing additional returns above the standard rent on a property. Picture renting that two-bedroom apartment in Kilimani for Ksh. 80,000 as compared to renting it as furnished at Ksh.150,000. What makes investment sense to you? 

2.) More short-term tenants  

The most suitable tenants for furnished apartments for rent would be those looking for something short-term, including tourists. Owning furnished apartments for rent in the appropriate location would mean a very desirable investment. If you are looking to rent out as an unfurnished property with no amenities near a prime destination such as Kilimani, you are looking at fewer tenants than you would versus if you rented out a furnished property. 

3.) Flexibility

Another reason to consider short- term rental is flexibility. This gives you the perfect opportunity to vary rates based on the season. In most cases, during the holidays, they are usually higher-priced, you can double your rental income. Additionally, you get to choose when and for how long your property is available for rent.

The rental market keeps evolving and each day there is a new gap that needs to be filled, we have identified key developments in the city that you could invest in. If you would consider investing in an apartment, Let’s take you through options we have in the prime areas of Nairobi that have an optimum rental yield.

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