Property Description

Enka Gardens Isinya provides you with the ideal serene environment for a country home, away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi city. You can now develop your property with a selection of ready house designs including 3 bedroom bungalows or 3 and 4 bedroom maisonettes.

​You can build on one of our ready to build plot, lets us take on project management services by building for you or buy one of our finished homes.

Property Features & Amenities

Windows: Steel Casement Windows Steel casement windows, fabricated to approved detailed design with clear sheet glass and glazing to steel windows with linseed putty.

Flooring: Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tiles as selected by the architect with skirting.

Walling: Natural Stone Machine cut natural stone for external and internal walls; bedded, jointed and pointed with cement and sand.

Door: Steel external doors Steel casement door, heavy duty, fabricated to approved detailed designs.

Wardrobes & Cabinets: MDF Boards

Ceiling: Gypsum plasterboard ceiling

Kitchen Top: Granite Kitchen top Work top counter comprising of thick concrete class 20 work top with thick polished granite finish to top with bull nosed edges as per architect’s specifications.

Water Supply: Drilled Borehole water Borehole water supplied from a central location. Developer does not warrant capacity per minute, pressure or quality of the water. The client shall cater for the acquisition of water meter at the premises.

Sewer Waste Management Waste management shall be through septic tank

  • Community Center
  • Kindergarten
  • 600M Private Driveway touching Namanga Highway.
Project Management

Enkavilla Properties will undertake the following:-

  • Get approvals from respective bodies including; NEMA, NCA and the County Government.
  • Assemble a suitable construction outfit in compliance with regulations including; Architects, Quantity surveyors,
  • Engineers, Contractors.
  • Manage construction related risks related but not limited to;
  • Workman’s safety, Quality assurance and occupation safety,
  • Genuine and high quality materials.

Ensure full compliance to statutory regulations related to water connection, electrical connection and sewerage system


Enka Gardens Isinya has a unique purchase model which allows purchase of a complete house or buy n build where one owns the land after which we facilitate home owners to own the land then construct.

For complete housing units, the price is reflective of the cost of land i.e a 1/8th of an acre.

House Type (Without Land) Size (SQM) Pricing (Starting from)
Type 1 3 Bedroom Bungalow 110 Ksh. 5.6M
Type 1 3 Bedroom Maisonette 125 Ksh. 6.33M
Type 1 4 Bedroom Bungalow 148 Ksh. 5.6M
Type 1 4 Bedroom Maisonette 180 Ksh. 7.5M
Type 2 3 Bedroom Bungalow 130 Ksh. 6.6M
Type 2 3 Bedroom Bungalow DSQ 144 Ksh. 7.3M
Type 2 3 Bedroom Maisonette DSQ 140 Ksh. 7.1M
Type 2 4 Bedroom Maisonette DSQ 180 Ksh. 9.12M
Type 3 3 Bedroom Maisonette DSQ 148 Ksh. 8.9M
Type 3 4 Bedroom Maisonette DSQ 168 Ksh. 9.9M

Can I vary the design to suite my specifications?

One has the freedom to customize the house to suite their preferences subject to approval from the architects, so long it interfere with the facade of the designs. The purchaser will cater for the additional related costs.

How long will you take to construct?

The estimated time is 18 Months as stipulated in the agreement. However, the period might vary as provided in the agreement based on specific circumstances.

What are the types of the houses?

There’s a wide variety to choose from bungalows, 3 bedroom maisonete, 4 bedroom maisonete.

What if I have my own design?

There’s provision to use your own design as provided for in the restrictive agreement governing the estate. The plans will be subjected to approval by Enkavilla architects. Maisonnetes are limited to 1 floor.

Can I purchase in instalments?

You can make payments in 3 tranches. For prolonged periods, one can utilize mortgage facilities availed by our partner banks.

Can I do the construction on my own?

You can do the construction but will need to satisfy that you have fully complied with the statutory regulators requirements and regulations for construction as well as other relevant laws.

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