Property Valuation

We undertake the valuation of all types of real estate in Kenya, whether for sale purposes, insurance, mortgage or estate planning. We provide a comprehensive and professional valuation service, from taking instructions, visiting the property, verifying titles and other documentation as may be appropriate, through to completing and submitting to the client a detailed Property Valuation Report which are tailor-made to meet the client’s requirements and will typically include a full photographic record of the property, an analysis of the market, and reasoned explanation backing up the valuation arrived at. If the report is in connection with a possible sale, recommendations will be given as to asking price and marketing strategy, likely timescale etc.

At Enkavilla, our objective is to provide the client with data that’s of real value and substance that is informative, clearly and succinctly outlined, and based on in-depth knowledge of the local property market and the wider national/international issues that might affect the property value.

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