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Why Isinya remains the ideal investment hub

A decade ago, a trip to Isinya town would turn away anyone looking to invest in the town. With an improper road network and huge herds of cows roaming around the sleepy town, one would instantly shy away from ever settling in the area. First Forward, the area rapidly started being a hotspot for land investors and people looking to settle away from the city and enjoy the benefits Isinya offers.

Wondering why Isinya is becoming the go-to-town for families? Here are the reasons why?

Great Infrastructure

Isinya is an emerging town with so much historical charm to the local residents. The construction of the Isinya-Kiserian road has really opened the area. Investors have been rushing to get a piece of Isinya. Factories and Industries have nots shied from the area either. Not only the Isinya -Kiserian road is up for construction but other key road networks have been earmarked for construction but also the Isinya- Konza road. The town has existing infrastructure including electricity, water, and access roads. There are also nearby developments such as Konza City, PJ Dave Flower Farm and Masaai Gables.


Isinya has been described as one of the first rising towns in Kajiado county, its strategically located in the middle of Kitengela town and Kajiado, it is accessible from Konza, and Kiserian through the greater Southern Bypass and the Isinya Pipeline road. The road network makes it easy for accessibility even from the city.

A strong neighboring community

Currently Isinya boasts of great developed gated communities in the area. Its great features and historical charm offer a great surrounding to raise a family away from the city. The area gives a relaxed aura. Enkavilla Gardens Isinya is a more of a family oriented property giving you an opportunity to raise a family or build your retirement home. The serenity the area offers is unmatched.

Value for Money

There is nothing as prudent as in investment that gives you value for money, investing in Enka Gardens Isinya is a perfect investment for anyone looking out for opportunities. The property has great features such a drill borehole, ready title deed, it’s a gated community that is controlled, quality gravelled internal roads.

If you looking for a perfect investment opportunity, then Enka Gardens Isinya is the ultimate investment option for you. With a 10% discount, interest free, with a flexible payment mode, Enka Gardens Isinya is a perfect investment for your family.

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