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Why land remains an ideal investment option

Land is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood investment in the country. It is not an understood concept, fewer people understand that investing in land is a smart strategic move for diversifying your people.

In most occasion people are quick to pose if buying land is a good investment, here are reasons why you should consider investing in land and diversifying your investment options.

Land is a tangible resource

 Picture this, if tomorrow the world decided that money was just a useless piece of paper and has no value, land will still be something, it will be something tangible and physical that is yours, regardless of what the global economic situation is. Currency and monetary values may change, but ownership does not.

Land increases in value

We have to appreciate the fact that land always appreciates in value, it is costly to buy but its long term results are always worth the investment. You could purchase a property like Enkavilla Konza at Ksh.650, 000 which is a gem tucked 5km from the famous Konza Technopolis, and the property is on a steady path growth due its neighboring community. This is going to be a supremely attractive to future developers. Imagine having such a prime property on your name.

Land gives your freedom

Freedom! Land gives you the opportunity to be creative and mold your property portfolio. It gives you an option of holding it for a lifetime and leaving it as part of an inheritance. You can purchase land and then build your dream home, Imagine saving up Enkavilla Koma that goes for Ksh. 750,000 and eventually building your dream your home to settle your family? This is so far the best feeling for most people, giving their home an address.

Enkavilla Koma Phase II is strategically placed property along Kangundo Road, the property is 300m off the Kenol – Koma Highway. The property has key amenities such as a drilled borehole electricity, controlled gated community and ready house plans to make your home ownership journey a reality.

Thinking of investing in land, we would like to be your preferred investment partner as you invest in Enkavilla Koma Phase II. Call us on 0788303030

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